Saturday, December 11, 2010

Skin & Bones

So this week we started it off with a critique of independent study student work. It was a photographic series based on the injuries and allergies of one active young man! We also got a chance to discuss the details of our exhibition on Monday! The class has collectively decided on the name 'Skin & Bones' since we have both portraits and skeletons. Great name, I love it. I've been working on posters for this event (I've included 2 versions below). The first one was meant to give an older, life drawing 'masters' feel to it. I really like how it turned out and I think it's simple and to the point, but eye-catching. The second one is more contemporary, but I was just kind of messing around and having fun with type and imagery in Photoshop! As I said before in a previous post, this poster designing is always a welcomed obligation. It's also a nice break from the other reading homework that too often bores me. After posting both posters on facebook, searching for feedback, and talking to Amy, we've decided to print off the 'masters' one. I'm really pleased with that decision so look for us on December 17th from 4-9pm!

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